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Why Go Primal?

In reality, the times are a changin'. It used to be people understood that earning a black belt was hard work. Training in Martial Combat meant one, that you would learn to gain skill over time (years) and two, that you were going to take some bumps and bruises along the way. This was what we call a "crockpot" mentaility. 

Today we live in a more "microwave" mentality society. The "Just give me what I need to know" and give it to me now". People want to know how to defend themselves in 10 easy lessons.  Today people are far to busy with far to many distractions. It is actually difficult to get the majority of students to practice what they have convered in class when they leave to go home. The vast majority of students treat martial arts like they would something like areobics. They work at it in class and when they leave it is out of their minds until the next class.

Statistically 80% of the people who enter a martial arts school will leave without ever earning even their first belt. Likewise, most people will stay an average of 3 months.

The problem is this, we at Go Primal, want people to be safe. So this means we have to adjust the way we teach in an effort to impart some amount of knowledge that will accomplish this goal, in that amount of time.

We bring you Go Primal

Go Primal is designed specifically to help you achieve your self defense goals. Teaching advanced concepts early in training. We are here for the busy person who would like to learn self defense in a format that does not take years of training.

The whole goal is to impart as much skill as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible. When I was in the infantry we used the approach -explanation, demonstration, and practical application. This is the direction we have taking in our Go Primal program. (0 to 95% hands on trianing.

That said, we still offer our Shaolin Kempo training for those who have an interest in earning a black belt.

At Go Primal it is our goal to provide for you both practical and tactical training.

When training in the martial arts it is important to learn to evaluate everything from a self defense perspective. In this way you can understand the difference between concepts designed to develop the tactical skills you need and those tactics that are actually designed for combat. While many instructors teach the how we want to also teach you the "why" behind what you are learning.

It is our goal that you understand the choice to fight. Not every conflict needs to becoming physical. In fact if you enter into every conflict presented to you you have not yet learned everything you should.

Your mind is your first weapon. One level of training is to not fight. The next is to have the confidence to enter into the conflict. The next is to have the confidence to know that you do not have to fight.

To allow someone to provoke you is a choice. You do not have to give someone the power over you to lead you into a physical confrontation. Because we can fight does not mean we need to fight. If you can stop a fight with words it is a higher victory. If you can stop it by not reacting to their manipulative prompt it is a better thing. But if you cannot stop them from attaking you then by all means defend yourself. If you enter into this option it should not be drawn out. It should happen quickly and decisvely. This is what we call short duration conflict or SDC.

SDC provides you the best and most tactical response posible to stop the aggression and return to peace as fast as possible.

This is what we are about.


Mr. Benningfield has been involved in the martial arts for over 40 years. He was graciously inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2004, as Kung Fu Master of the Year, In 2006, as Shaolin Kempo Master of the Year, and in 2014 , as a Pioneer in the Martial Arts. Mr. Benningfield has earned a Senior Master Instructor Certification in the Martial Arts.

Mr. Benningfield and his instructional staff have the experience to help you reach your fitness and self defense goals. 

´╗┐Primal Fighting

It does not matter which of our classes you enroll in. The goal is the same to teach you a compitent for of self defense. The variation is the time and depth of the program you choose.

To learn more about program distinctives, please follow the link below and then simple choose the program that is right for you. Go Primal!

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Primal Fitness

The heartbeat of Primal Fitness is Functional movement, compound exercise and eccentric focus. This class is going to wear your out. Primal Fitness focuses more on body weight conditioning BUT we do have kettlebell classes we are seeking to enroll for too.

What does your day look like? Are you ready to begin taking action -today? Get into Primal Fitness -Go Primal!

 Prices vary depending on how you enroll Click the below link to see current prices


 Primal Faith

Those who know me know that I was a pastor for 16 years. Faith is very important to me and I love teaching people to understand faith in a way that makes sense to them. When we understand the WHY behind what we see in the world it just makes sense. This is going to be a Saturday Monring or Evening class you will love grow in knowledge and because of knowledge, grow in your faith. -Primal Faith will dig deep and connect with you at a different level. Primal Faith -Go Primal!

This will be a FREE Classs and yet holds the most value!

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